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The Audacious Beard and Moustache Survival kit


The Audacious Beard and Moustache Survival kit enables your whiskers to venture boldly forth into the wilderness without the wilderness getting its grubby claws into them.
The kit is inspired by the ex S.A.S Lofty Wiseman’s survival kit, which had everything you need to survive packed into a handy sized tobacco tin, but ours is specifically designed for whisker survival and maintenance. It contains everything your beard and moustache need to enable their survival in any situation - without having to sacrifice their right to look good, no matter how tough the going gets!
The kit contains:

• Your choice of any Audacious Beard Oil from our Original or Cirque du Barbe range (10ml)- feed that beard -keeps it looking healthy and nourished and hydrated – fends off the dreaded beard itch that lurks in the wilds and dire straits

• Shampoo bar (40g)– to wash out the wilderness and keep those whiskers soft and smelling fresh – don’t want to attract the bears with beard detritus…

• Moustache wax (15ml)- for waterproofing and maintaining a good twist

• Folding scissors – for trimming off stragglers- and threatening ( small )wild beasties- trimmings can be used as tinder for establishing fires, but only in dire emergencies obviously – never sacrifice the beard!

• Comb- for keeping that moustache dapper whatever

• Mirror – (design may vary) for signalling -whilst checking out how great you look!

• Hinged metal tin – to contain and protect all your precious beardy tools – or to use as a cook pot or water container when the going gets really dire – but hey, you look great!

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