The Audacious Beard Care Combo Set

  • The Audacious Beard Care Combo Set
  • The Audacious Beard Care Combo Set
  • The Audacious Beard Care Combo Set
  • The Audacious Beard Care Combo Set

The Audacious beard care combo set includes:
(Choose from any of our scents)

- Beard butter (60ml)
- Beard balm (60ml)
- Beard oil (10ml)
- Vinyl sticker
- Pin badge
- Love heart lollipop
- Product 'how to apply' instructions
- All neatly packed into a kraft cardboard gift box and gift wrapped

Beard Oil

Introduce high-quality beard oil into your daily routine, you’ll reap the rewards. With our splendid beard oils, you’ll experience all the benefits of moisturising, conditioning and strengthening your beard, whilst also taming unruly hairs and soothing your skin beneath. Our oils are hand blended and individually bottled using only the finest all-natural ingredients to leave your beard in glorious shape. Not forgetting that we add a pinch of audacity for good measure to ALL our oils.

Beard Balm

Similar to our beard oils, with the addition of beeswax and shea butter. Beard Balms are a leave-in conditioner that combines both conditioning and styling properties. Since balms are a little bit heavier than a beard oil, they’ll keep your beard conditioned longer. A beard balm gives a little more hold because of the added beeswax, perfect for those ravishing rogues with unruly beards

Beard Butter

Handmade using the finest Cocoa butter, Shea butter, Apricot kernel, Grapeseed, Hemp and Castor oils fused with a blend of essential oils, our beard butters condition and deeply nourish your whiskers, preventing and soothing itchiness, encouraging healthy beard growth and promoting healthy hair.

Beard butter doesn’t have the styling hold of a beard balm but will add more weight to your beard than an oil while also deeply moisturising and hydrating. It’s also a great face moisturiser!

Our Whipped beard butters contain no beeswax and, like our beard oils are suitable for vegans.


- The Buccaneer: Combines the aromas of rum and exotic spices with sweet, intoxicating undertones – after delivering a stimulating, refreshing slap in the face for your impertinence.
(Featured in the Independent's IndyBest best beard oils #IndyBest)

- The Wood Chopper: Combines musky, earthy, woody aromas with dark, hot, peppery scents. It delivers you straight in to the tranquillity of a mountain pine forest, with a rucksack, an axe and the warning “Watch out bears!”

- The Woodsman: Combines musky, spicy, woody aromas with calming, refreshing, uplifting, energy balancing deep breaths of fresh air and delivers you into the tranquillity of a forest, with a rucksack, an axe, a slap on the back and the warning “Watch out for bears!”

- Firecracker: Sugar and Spice – the Firecracker’s fresh woody scent with warming spicy tones and a sweet top note will deliver you to exotic places with an intoxicatingly sweet kiss.

- Zazel: A warm, woody, musky, spicy, sweet, floral scent. Warning: lovers of Turkish delight may want to devour you!

- Mighty Moko: This irresistibly manly and musky oil has a peppery and woody aroma with a sweet seductive top note.

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